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Luxury limousines at the best price on the market!

We are located in Linköping, Norrköping, Söderköping, Motala, Mjölby, Eskilstuna, Katrineholm, Jönköping, Nyköping, Södertälje and Örebro!

About us - Online Limousine

Online Limousine Offers Luxurious genuine 120 ”stretch Limousines with J-sofa, Large bar with Champagne glass, Starry sky roof, Smoke machine and an awesome Sound system that is paired to a mobile with Spotify and Youtube.  The cars are approved for 8 people.

Our offers include VIP transport for surprises, birthdays, prom, student, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, sightseeing big cities, weddings and corporate events. In addition, VIP Airport Transfer is offered, where we both pick up and / or leave your visit. Below you will find a short description of some of our services. (As new, we offer travel across borders to other countries / cities throughout Europe.) 

Black Car Service

Our cars


Chrysler 300c

Lobster H3

Mercedes S-Class L

Lincoln Towncar

VIP-Last minute

Has your train or flight been canceled and you need to be at your destination? Then you have come to the right place, we perform long VIP last-minute runs all over Sweden, regardless of time and date. Get in touch with us and we will pick you up immediately. 


We have extensive experience of wedding parties and ensure that you are transported elegantly on your important day. All transport that takes place during the day, such as to and from the hairdresser, the wedding and the party room, can take place in our fresh limousines. The car can also be used for wedding photography. 

Party & Nightclub

We also offer limousine transport to the nightclub Harrys in Linköping. Arrive at your destination like a star, while we make sure to maximize your experience. 

Ball & Student 

Book your limousine for the prom and the student. Put a golden edge on your prom and student celebration by arriving at the destination with elegance. We transport you through the city and you have the opportunity to take pictures according to your wishes. 

We offer services in the whole of Östergötland and the surrounding area: Linköping  Norrköping, Söderköping  Motala  Mjölby  Eskilstuna  Katrineholm  Jönköping  Nyköping  Södertälje  Örebro.

Image by Jannis Lucas

Are you interested in booking one or more of our vehicles?

Boka Limousine
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